10 Things to Consider Before You Decide to Get a Macaw Parrot

10 Things to Consider Before You Decide to Get a Macaw Parrot

1 Commitment

These parrots can live up to 80 years old! In fact, some can even reach 100 years old. So, if you do plan on getting this lovely creature, then you’ll need to ensure you can commit to it for the entirety of your life.

2 Attention Satisficing

Macaws aren’t animals that can be left alone for hours. In the wild, these birds are found in large flocks. This makes them very social birds! So, it’s never a good idea to get just 1 Macaw and it’s never a good idea to deprive them of the attention they need.

3 Big beaks Big Bites

At some point of owning a macaw, you’ll very likely get bitten and that’s going to hurt! People who plan on owning these types of birds need to realize that their beaks are incredibly powerful as well as their talons.

4 Not necessarily the best pet for kids

When you combine the personal needs of these types of birds, along with their powerful beak and talons, then you’ll realize that these birds are simply sassy kids! Because of their demanding lifestyle and strong beaks, these birds do not make suitable pets to young children.

 5 Play Space

Parrots in the wild have the opportunity to fly for miles! Their territory is often quite vast and they often never get bored. When in captivity, these birds are often confined to small spaces such as a cage or our homes. Before you bring these lovely animals into your home you need to make sure you can provide plenty of space, activity, and mental stimulation to your bird.

6 Prepare to Face the Music

Being social animals, it is no surprise that these birdies love to talk! But, they also love to sing and squawk away. Bird lovers who are ready to get this lovely pet bird need to know that these guys are incredibly noisy.

7 Parrot Proof Your Personal Belongings

Birds in the wild love to chew and destroy things! Your personal belongings such as computer cords, books, papers, carpets, and furniture are no exception!

8 Expensive living

Birds can be just as expensive, if not slightly more expensive to own compared to dogs and cats. Parrots, in particular, require a veterinarian who is specialized in caring for birds (avian veterinarian). In addition, parrot toys for large parrots can be fairly expensive to purchase. So, make sure you’re financially secure before you take a shot at owning a parrot.

9 Continuous Mental Stimulation

Apparent from requiring constant human attention and plenty of toys. Parrots are intelligent creatures that require constant mental stimulation. Boredom can cause a disease known as  feather-plucking disease. So, to ensure your bird has enough mental stimulation make sure you provide plenty of exciting activities such as flying.

10 The only pet

Parrots are a demanding pet! Because of their intelligent personality, parrots are best suited to a household where they are the only pet!

That being said, these birds do make lovely pets, as they are very affectionate and intelligent. they can easily repeat certain words or phrases.


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